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Locate a Monument - Cannons

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Keokuk County: Keota
GPS Coordinates: 41.360983 by -91.952216

Cannon Mount
The first photo, taken 7/8/20, shows the repaired cannon mount. In the second photo, if you look closely, you will see “GAR” and "WRC" inscribed on the middle of the cannon mount. The third photo is taken from the other side, from the same angle as the old photo that follows. The old undated photo is from a history of the WRC covering 1884-1934. This is located in Wilson Park on the SW corner of Centennial Avenue and Fulton Street. It is in the south part of town. The first photo was taken 7/8/20 - the second and third photos were taken 5/1/09.

Town Historian Larry Sanders says that the cannon balls were melted down for World War II. However, there is no record of what happened to the cannon. He believes it was gone before WWII as persons who were there at the time do not remember it. The cannon was purchased for $120 from the Rock Island Arsenal. It was nicknamed "General Parrott" and there is a report that it broke down on a trip to Sigourney in 1879. According to historical information, "On one occasion the early townsmen became over enthusiastic about making a loud noise and they packed General Parrott's muzzle with clay before touching off his breech and busted the bar'l and General Parrott had to be sent to a foundry where three feet of his muzzle had to be amputated." The placement of the cannon on the mount was in 1910.

Cannon Mount Cannon Mount Cannon Mount Cannon Mount