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O'Brien County: Sheldon
GPS Coordinates: 43.179633 by -95.854316

Mountain Howitzer
This small cannon is in the Sheldon Prairie Museum. It is a 12 pounder bronze mountain howitzer, M1835 cast at Cyrus Alger & Co. in 1837. There were formerly two of these in the town park but one was stolen in the early 1970's never to be recovered. The second photo is of an old undated postcard showing both cannons. As a result of the theft, the remaining cannon is now in the museum but taken out on special occasions. The carriage was built by a resident, Gerald Van Engen. The museum, south of the business district, is at 10th Street and 4th Avenue. It has irregular hours but it is possible to call for an appointment. Photo taken 4/23/08. Thanks to Danny Krock for sending a copy of the postcard.

Mountain Howitzer Mountain Howitzer