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Delaware County: Hopkinton
GPS Coordinates: 42.345000 by -91.243450

Civil War Monument
This attractive monument is located in the central courtyard of old Lenox College (named Bowen Collegiate Institute at the time of the CW). The college operated from 1859 to 1944. Several of the old buildings still exist and are on the National Register of Historic Places. The monument is one of the oldest in the country, dedicated November 17, 1865. Many of the students enlisted and the monument is dedicated to them. Many were in the Iowa 21st. The inscriptions of soldiers are reasonably clear considering the age of the monument. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, the only female recipient of the Medal of Honor, was a student here in 1860. The remarkable second photo appears to show the dedication on November 17, 1865. The college is visible on the north side of Highway 38. Photo taken 9/18/10. Thanks to Danny Krock for providing a copy of the old photo.

Civil War Monument Civil War Monument