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Sioux County: Ireton
GPS Coordinates: 42.967900 by -96.315483

Civil War Soldier
This monument in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Ireton was erected by Launtz (or Lantz) Post 215 of the GAR in May of 1919 and dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1919. It consists of a life-size bronze statue of a Civil War soldier atop a granite obelisk, centerpiece and then a larger base. Engraved on the obselisk is the following: To The Memory Of The Men Who Fought For Our Country And Are Buried In The Ireton Cemetery. On the centerpiece is engraved: 1861-1865. Facing the monument, the right side is engraved with the names of Civil War soldiers who were buried in the cemetery as of 1919. The left side is engraved with the names of World War Heros - these are men from the Ireton Community who died in service in World War I. The back of the monument is engraved with the names of the committee who spearheaded the monument - the 3 remaining members of the GAR post who had not died prior to the dedication of the monument. In recent years, the American Legion updated a bronze plaque to the rear side of the monument with the names of Ireton servicemen and women who died in Worrld War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Planning for the monument began prior to World War I. In 1917, after "lobbying" by the Ireton and Hawarden GAR posts, the Sioux County Board of Supervisors instituted a 1/2 mill levy for a "Soldiers Monument Fund" as permitted by Section 430 of the 1915 Supplement to the Code of Iowa. Later the Board distributed the funds by allocating $100 per Civil War or Spanish-American War soldier buried in each cemetery seeking to build a monument or memorial chapel. Funds were provided to Ireton, Hawarden, Rock Valley, Boyden and Hull. Ireton received $2400 for the soldiers buried there and raised the remaining cost of the monument by subscription. The Ireton GAR committee visited the cemetery in LeMars, Plymouth County while planning the monument and there is a great deal of similarity betweeen the two monuments.

The monument serves as the centerpiece of the cemetery and is the focus of the community's Memorial Day services. The cemetery is located on the southeast corner of Ireton at Eagle Avenue and 470th Street. From the north, take County Road K30 to the cemetery.

This interesting information was provided by the Ireton Area Historical Society. The first photo was taken on May 28, 2009 - the others August 30, 2016.

Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier