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Sioux County: Rock Valley
GPS Coordinates: 43.187450 by -96.295383

Waiting Woman Monument
This statue of a woman waiting is located in Valley View Cemetery just south of Rock Valley on the west side of Main Street. The front of the monument is inscribed: "In Memory of Unknown Heroes 1861-1898." As you face the monument, the base on the right side is inscribed: "Erected by Jerry Rusk W. R. C. No. 282. May 30, 1900." According to an article in the Rock Valley Bee in 1975, "the monument consists of a lady sitting on a rock, presumably waiting for her husband to return from war. She is sitting there forlornly, her chin resting on her hand, her head down. In her other arm is a bouquet of flowers. Her wide-brimmed hat sets in front of her feet covered by her long dress. Only her bare feet show." The article goes on to note that a descendant of an early Rock Valley family told the writer that the original party that ordered the monument (from France it is believed) decided they did not want the monument so the Rock Valley group was able to purchase it at a very reasonable price. At the time the article was written, the writer noted that the monument was somewhat forlorn and neglected. Since that time, a series of Veteran's memorials have been erected around the monument including a large granite memorial with a Veteran's prayer engraved with the names of the dead; memorials to the various branches of the service, a series of flags and a field of white crosses.

Thank you to Janet Brown for providing the historical information about this interesting monument. The photos were taken 8/30/16.

Waiting Woman Monument Waiting Woman Monument Waiting Woman Monument