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Fayette County: Fayette
GPS Coordinates: 42.844670 by -91.804230

Fayette County Freedom Rock
This Freedom Rock, by artist Ray "Bubba" Sorensen, recognizes soldiers from Fayette County and Upper Iowa University. The north side of the Rock shows David Henderson and William Larrabee - the south side honors Henry Grannis and Dr. Charles Coleman Parker. Dr. Parker was the Regimental Surgeon for the 12th Iowa Infantry Regiment which was in the Hornets Nest at Shiloh. Henderson and Grannis were both in Company C of the 12th Iowa. Grannis was a color bearer who served bravely in many battles in the war. Henderson is the best known, having his foot amputated after the battle in Corinth. He later served as Speaker of the House of Representatives. See other listings about him under Dubuque County and Fayette County. Larrabee lost his sight in one eye as a child and did not serve in the war but was Iowa Governor from 1886-1890 and was a strong supporter of Veterans.

The Freedom Rock is at 305 W. Water Street in Fayette. Thanks to Jo Porter for information about the monument. Photos taken 6/3/21.

Fayette County Freedom Rock Fayette County Freedom Rock