Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Taylor County - Bedford

Civil War Soldier at Courthouse
This monument is in a great location at the front entrance to the courthouse. This is a spectacular looking courthouse with a white dome. Streets are brick and many of the downtown buildings are restored.

According to the Taylor County History, the monument was built at a cost of $4979 in 1916. It is Barre granite, 25 feet high and weighs 116,323 pounds. The sculptor was Septia Grezzetti of Italy who also sculpted many of the other soldier monuments in the region. The dedication was on July 4, 1916 with a crowd of 5000 and 117 CW Veterans in attendance. There were speeches, a concert, minstrel show, and auto polo match to celebrate the occasion.

The town of Bedford is just off Highway 2 to the south and the courthouse is north of the business district. Photos taken 5/16/09. Thanks to Danny Krock for the old postcard.

Civil War Soldier at Courthouse Civil War Soldier at Courthouse Civil War Soldier at Courthouse