Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Wapello County - Eddyville

Soldier in Park
This is a recently restored 12 foot Civil War monument in the city park in Eddyville. The soldier has a knapsack on his back. There are names of soldiers from the area inscribed on four sides of the base. It is said the monument was built shortly after the war and then rebuilt in 1911. The 3rd photo shows the "before" condition of the monument with the right hand and the upper part of the musket missing. Also, the names are difficult to read and the monument needs cleaning. Fortunately, under the leadership of David Lamb and the work of sculptor Rick Stewart, the musket and hand were restored, the monument was cleaned and the names are now legible. It is located on Main Street and S Third Street one block south of the business district. On 9/25/10, members of the "Iowa Rifles" attended the annual "Eddyfest" celebration to help raise funds for monument restoration. The final photo shows members from this group - the unrestored monument is in the background on right of photo. This is a wonderful success story in restoring a monument in very poor condition and members of this group deserve much credit. The first two photos were taken 8/6/11 with the older photo taken 12/14/07. Thank you to Ron Rittel for the last photo, taken on 7/17/13, showing the nice new fence and landscaping.

Soldier in Park Soldier in Park Soldier in Park Soldier in Park Soldier in Park