Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Guthrie County - Guthrie Center

Civil War Monument
This is an excellent monument with a Civil War soldier and names engraved of veterans from this area. It is granite and about 20 feet high. Many of the names are soldiers from the Iowa 4th and 29th Infantry Regiments but there are many from other Iowa regiments and from other states. It is located in a little park NE of the business district and near the courthouse. At one time it was next to the old courthouse which burned down in 1963. County Assessor Barry Stetzel provided valuable information about the monument and led an effort to clean and restore the monument several years ago. He believes that valuable records about the history and soldiers on the monument were lost in the fire. Photo taken 4/19/10. On 10/4/15 the monument was re-dedicated by members of the SUVCW. The second photo shows a firing salute by the Guthrie Center American Legion. The third photo is of members of the SUVCW and its Auxiliary.

Civil War Monument Civil War Monument Civil War Monument