Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Marshall County - Marshalltown

Iowa Soldiers Home
The Soldiers Home (now known as the Iowa Veterans Home) has much of historical interest related to the Civil War. The primary promoter of the Home was the G.A.R. It was founded in 1887 for soldiers of the Civil War. Today the facility serves Iowa veterans and is operated by the State of Iowa. For many years it was run with military discipline. A pass had to be obtained to leave and one had to report at the guard house shown below on return. Reveille and taps were sounded daily. The Guardhouse was built in 1902 and restored in 1987. It is located at the corner of Summit and N 13th. The cannon is a 12 pounder bronze Napoleon, M1857, cast at the Revere Copper Co. in 1862. The carriage and limber are in great condition. It is located at the south entrance of the Malloy Building. It is taken out on occasion for parades and reenactments. There is also a cannon in storage without markings and of unknown origin. There are granite monuments in the cemetery. The item on the right in the photo is a stone pulpit dedicated to all veterans. It was donated by the Trinity Lutheran Church of Marshalltown in 1995. There are 2300 veterans buried in the cemetery. At the entrance to the Home is a large park area with memorials to veterans from several wars. The Civil War soldiers memorial is granite and about 15 feet high. It is in very good condition. It was erected in 1921 by the WRC and dedicated on May 30, 1922. Also shown is the cornerstone with the date of 1887 when the Home was opened and the plaque by the Ladies of the GAR at the entrance to the Cemetery. The old photo shows residents about 1915. My Great-Grandfather, Jefferson Moses, is standing on the left. The Soldiers Home is located on the NW side of Marshalltown - take Main Street west - then turn north at 13th. Photos taken 11/16/07, 7/23/08, 6/23/14 and 7/13/19.

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