Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Jasper County - Newton

Civil War Memorial
This memorial is in the Union Cemetery, 1601 W 4th Street, Newton. It was dedicated in 1930. Thank you to Steve Hanken for notification of this monument. It is difficult to find - after going through the main entrance, turn right or north and the monument is about half way between the road and the large Maytag Mausoleum.

There is a large veterans section in the Cemetery. Also shown is a veterans memorial dedicated to all veterans. There is also a similar monument to POW’s and a rock monument in the background of the photo dedicated to unknown soldiers. There are 254 Union soldiers buried here. Union Cemetery is in the NW corner of Newton on W 4th St. N. The first photo was taken 10/8/17 - the second photo 11/2/07.

Civil War Memorial Civil War Memorial