Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Polk County - Des Moines

GAR Flagpole
This 65 foot flagpole was dedicated to the GAR by the Ladies of the GAR at their 1931 national convention. The base has three sides - the panels are tarnished and need restoration. The flag is flown only on holidays. This is located in a very nice wooded area behind the Judicial Building off Court Avenue on the Capital Grounds. It is on high ground and the flag is visible over a wide area when flown. Photo of flag taken on Memorial Day, 2008; other photos taken 10/17/16.

The bench is near the flagpole and was donated by the Ladies of the GAR in 1938. The inscription reads "Dedicated in sacred memory of the Grand Army of the Republic by the National Body Ladies of the Grand Army." The photo taken 9/21/07.

GAR Flagpole GAR Flagpole GAR Flagpole GAR Flagpole GAR Flagpole