Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Lee County - Montrose

Montrose Cannon
This is a 24 pounder flank howitzer, M1844 cast at Cyrus Alger & Co. in 1847. It was restored in 2008 which is a great improvement. Also in the photo is the tombstone of Cato Mead, the only African-American Revolutionary War Veteran known to be buried in Iowa. As a comparison before restoration, the cannon in the old upright positoin with a carved wooden owl on top is also shown below. It is in the Montrose Cemetery north of town. Take 1st Street north to the cemetery. The cannon is on the left as you enter the cemetery. The photo after restoration was taken 8/3/10. The photo before restoration was taken 12/29/07.

Montrose Cannon  Montrose Cannon  Montrose Cannon