Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Mitchell County - Osage

Civil War Monument and Cannons
These are 30 pounder 4.2 inch Army Parrott rifles. They were manufactured at the West Point Foundry in 1862. They are in great condition with clear markings. There are also 5 cannonballs on display. This is an outstanding setting on the far north side of Osage Cemetery. There is also a monument to the "Unknown Dead 1861 - 1865." The cemetery is in the NW part of town - take N 3rd Street to the cemetery. Photos taken 5/4/08.

Don Gage reports that he has fired the cannons on every Memorial Day weekend since 2000, the first time they had been fired in 75 years. Previously they were fired at 5:00 A.M. on July 4 every year. Don also reports that the planter between the cannons is an inverted brass bell that would sound an alarm in the city until 1910 when it was included as part of the monument by the WRC. Thanks to Danny Krock for the spectacular photo of the firing at dusk on the Saturday before Memorial Day on 5/29/10.

Civil War Monument and Cannons Civil War Monument and Cannons Civil War Monument and Cannons