Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Crawford County - Schleswig

Land Owned by Abraham Lincoln
As a result of service in the Black Hawk War, Lincoln received a land grant in western Iowa. It is believed that he never saw the land in person. When he visited Council Bluffs in 1859 to consult with Grenville Dodge about a future trancontinental railroad, he referred to his land here but said he couldn't take the time to see it. This plaque marks the spot of the hilly land. About seven miles north of Denison and five miles south of Schleswig on Highway 59, go 1.8 miles east on Vernon Voss Road. The plaque is on the right or SW at the intersection of Vernon Voss and 1 Ave. Photos taken 5/4/08. Also see Tama County for land he owned there.

Land Owned by Abraham Lincoln Land Owned by Abraham Lincoln