Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Jones County - Monticello

Civil War Soldier
This soldier is in a nice setting in Oakwood Cemetery. It is granite and about 15 feet high. It is dedicated to Company H of the 31st Iowa Infantry Regiment. The 31st participated in the Siege of Vicksburg, battles at Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, and Atlanta and the March to the Sea. Company H was led by Captain Sewall S. Farwell (1834-1909) who is buried near the monument. After the War, he served in the Iowa State Senate and as a US Congressman. His photo is shown below. Thanks to SUVCW member Jim Johnston for information about the 31st and Captain Farwell. The cemetery is SE of town on E Oak Street. The monument is in the center section. Photos taken 3/9/08 and 8/24/10.

Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier