Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Worth County - Northwood

Rodman Cannons
There are two similar 8 inch Rodman guns, M1861 - one in the cemetery and one on the courthouse square. The one at the cemetery is in a nice setting on a little rise. It was cast in 1865 at Seyfert, McManus & Co. of Reading, PA. The location is in the NW part of town with the entrance at 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. The cannon is in the NW part of the cemetery. The GPS reading is based on this cannon.

The one on the courthouse square has a sign that implies that it was manufactured at the Northwood Foundry; however, it was cast at the Fort Pitt Foundry in Pittsburg in 1864 while only the carriage was actually manufactured here. The courthouse is located east of the business district. Photos taken 3/14/08.

The final image is an old undated postcard showing one of the cannon then located in City Park. Thanks to Danny Krock for providing this copy.

Rodman Cannons Rodman Cannons Rodman Cannons Rodman Cannons Rodman Cannons