Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Delaware County - Delhi

Bay Church Cemetery Memorial
This 8 foot marble shaft is located in a country cemetery back of Bay Church. This very early monument was dedicated in August of 1865 in memory of the 14 young men from the area that gave their lives. There are inscriptions on the four sides with these names. Unfortunately the monument was covered with algae on my most recent visit. The second photo lists the 14 soldiers. An annual Decoration Day service is conducted which closely follows the first service which occurred on May 30, 1866. The cemetery is located a distance in back of the historic Bay Church which was erected in 1873 and restored in 1996. Thank you to SUVCW member James Johnston for providing information about this historic monument and the Decoration Day ceremony. The final photo shows SUVCW members, mostly from the Mitchell Camp in Marion, who participated in the 2014 ceremony.

Approaching from the west, take Highway 13 south of Manchester - then take 275th Street 5 miles east to the cemetery. From Delhi, take Main Street to 6th Street - then left to the intersection of 6th and 250th Street - then take 250th Street west to 220th Avenue - turn left and go over the bridge at the Hartwick Marina to 275th Street - then turn west or right for a short distance to the Bay Church. The first 2 photos were taken 8/18/21. The final one was taken by Tammy and Danny Krock on 5/30/14.

Bay Church Cemetery Memorial Bay Church Cemetery Memorial Bay Church Cemetery Memorial