Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Benton County - Blairstown

Civil War Soldier
This is a 20 foot soldier monument in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. There is an inscription with Civil War soldiers on three of four sides. It was dedicated in 1907. There are 43 Civil War Veterans buried in the cemetery. It is about 3/4 miles south of town. Follow Locust Street south to the cemetery. The photo of the monument was taken 4/14/08. The second image is an old undated photo of the monument - note that is was in town and now is located in the cemetery. Thanks to Danny Krock for furnishing this photo. The third photo shows a rededication of the monument on Memorial Day, 2014. SUVCW members from several camps participated in the rededication. Thank you to Linda Hepworth for the second photo.

Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier Civil War Soldier