Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Polk County - Des Moines

Lincoln High School
Abraham Lincoln High School has several memorials to Lincoln. There is a bust of Lincoln in the main hallway with shiny nose. It is considered good luck to rub his nose when passing by. The main entrance has two paintings of Lincoln by Russell Cowles dated 1923 - one as a young man. There is also a bronze plaque of the Gettysburg Address in the hallway and marble tablets of the Gettysburg Address over the stage in the auditorium. There are many interesting architectural features of the building which was opened in 1923. Veterans who attended Lincoln HS are also recognized - a plaque lists the names of 67 that "gave the surpreme sacrifice" in WWII. The High School is in the south part of Des Moines. It is off SW 9th. Photos taken May 13, 2008.

Lincoln High School Lincoln High School Lincoln High School