Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
O'Brien County - Hartley

Soldier Monument
This monument was destroyed - perhaps it was melted down during World War II. Howard Borchard of Hartley was helpful in sending the first postcard and historical information. It was of white bronze and 28 feet in height. The cost was $2600. On the dedication day on June 4, 1891 it was reported "A fine military band from Hull led the procession. Old soldiers, Sons of Veterans, and Womens' Relief Corps, with banners, badge and flags called forth both enthusiasm and patriotism." Names of all members of the Hartley GAR Post were inscribed on the monument including the names of companies and regiments. Later, a copy of the second postcard was received from Danny Krock and the street scene from David Shedlock. Thanks to them for these additional photos.

Soldier Monument Soldier Monument Soldier Monument