Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Hardin County - Iowa Falls

Civil War Monument
This Civil War plaque is located in Estes Park in Iowa Falls. It was dedicated in 1932. Thanks to Ron Rittel for information about this monument including a copy of the original documents. While the boulder was donated, the total cost to move the boulder, pay for the plaque and erect the monument was $74. It is located in the SE corner of Estes Park which is a block north of the business district at corner of Estes and Stevens Streets. Photos taken 8/28/08. In 2015 a copy of an old postcard of a Dahlgren cannon was received from Danny Krock. The inscription on the card says that it was located in Central Park and we believe this is a previous name for Estes Park. The cannon is not there today and we presume it was melted for scrap during World War II.

Civil War Monument Civil War Monument Civil War Monument