Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Pottawattamie County - Oakland

Grand Army of the Republic Highway
Highway 6 passes through 14 states from Provincetown, Massachusetts to Long Beach, California. In 1953 this highway was designated as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway. In Iowa, this historic highway runs near Interstate 80 through the middle of the state. There are 29 markers - the one in the photo is near Oakland in Pottawattamie County. The SUVCW in each of these states has a GAR Highway Officer to monitor this. The SUVCW, Department of Iowa, also has named 11 bridges on this route after Civil War Generals from Iowa - see one of these, the Williamson Memorial Bridge, which is also listed in Oakland. Thank you to Iowa SUVCW Highway Officer Jim Johnston for information and to Dann Hayes for the photo.

Grand Army of the Republic Highway Grand Army of the Republic Highway