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Civil War Monument
This monument is in Arlington Cemetery on the NE side of town and just north of the golf course. Take Main Street east to the east side of town - then north to the cemetery. There are indentations for cannon balls near the monument. Thanks to Steve Hanken for providing photos and information about this monument.

The cannon is a 3" tank gun, M5. No doubt there originally was a Civil War cannon located here but it and the cannon balls would have been scrapped for use during World War II. This likely is a "replacement cannon" provided sometime afterwards. The US ordnance took a 3" anti aircraft tube and mated it to an M2 105mm howitzer breech and carriage to develop this anti tank gun. It was used in 1943 and 1944 but more effective weapons were developed for use later in the War. Thanks to Tom Batha for identification and information about this cannon.

Civil War Monument Civil War Monument Civil War Monument Civil War Monument