Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Jefferson County - Fairfield

Medal of Honor Recipient James Strong
Sgt. James Strong (1818-1900) joined the 49th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment in 1862 at the age of 44. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for volunteering for and leading a charge at Port Hudson, Louisiana on May 27, 1863. While this charge was driven back, it led to a seige at Port Hudson and a surrender on July 9, 1863. Strong was later promoted to Lieutenant. After the war he moved to Fairfield and lived there until his death in 1900. He was buried in Fairfield Cemetery in the NE part of town. Park at Stone and C Streets and walk into the cemetery about 45 yards. The stone and marker are under two large pine trees. The grave stone is difficult to read. Photos taken 11/26/08.

Medal of Honor Recipient James Strong  Medal of Honor Recipient James Strong