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Louisa County - Letts

Medal of Honor Recipient William Reddick
Corporal William Reddick (1840-1903) was one of the famous Andrews' Raiders. The Andrews' Raid or "Great Locomotive Chase" occurred in April of 1862 in Georgia. 22 volunteers, dressed in civilian clothes, stole the locomotive named General with the objective of destroying railroad track and bridges on the important Western and Atlantic Railroad between Atlanta and Chattanooga. After doing a good deal of damage, the raiders were captured with the leader, James Andrews, and 7 others executed as spies. After imprisonment, Corporal Reddick was exchanged. A member of the Ohio 33rd Infantry Regiment, he was later promoted to Lieutenant. He and other members of the raid were awarded the Medal of Honor. He moved to Iowa around 1870 and farmed in locations in eastern Iowa and finally settled near Letts in Louisa County. The Letts Cemetery is on the east side of town. To find the gravesite, look SW of the flagpole - near the south road. Photos taken 11/26/08.

Medal of Honor Recipient William Reddick Medal of Honor Recipient William Reddick