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Henry County - Salem

Lewelling House - Underground Railroad
The Henderson Lewelling House is listed by the National Park Service as a stop on the underground railroad. It is only 18 miles north of Missouri and was in a community of Quakers who were known to help runaway slaves. The house was built in 1840 of limestone quarried nearby. The interior includes the trapdoors through which slaves were hidden and other interesting artifacts. The cannon in the yard is a replica of one that slaveowners from Missouri brought to Salem and threatened to demolish the house. Other Iowans came to resist and the cannon wasn't fired. Henderson Lewlling later moved to Oregon and was well known as a pioneer in the fruit industry.

The home is open on Sundays from 1-4:00 PM from May through September or by appointment - 319 258-4341. It is located on Main Street south of the business district. Thanks to John Sachs for information about this historical place. Photos taken 3/17/09.

Lewelling House - Underground Railroad Lewelling House - Underground Railroad Lewelling House - Underground Railroad