Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Dallas County - Perry

Civil War Monument
This monument is in Violet Hill Cemetery on the north side of Perry. The granite monument is about 10 feet high and set on a concrete base. It was erected by the Col. James Redfield GAR Post in 1896. It is interesting that the name of the GAR Post in the town of Redfield was the Marshall Post but the one in Perry is named after Col. Redfield. There are a number of Civil War veterans buried around the monument. Take 1st Avenue north and turn east on Park Street to the cemetery. The monument is at the entrance. Thank you to Bryon Weesner for notifying me about this monument. The first two photos were taken 4/28/09. The concrete base had been breaking up - the final photo was taken 8/28/18 showing the recent replacement of the base.

Civil War Monument  Civil War Monument  Civil War Monument