Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Monroe County - Melrose

Civil War Monument in Evans Cemetery
This monument was dedicated on July 19, 1866, one of the first Civil War monuments erected in the state. The copper cone on the top was made by Bernard Casebolt and the monument was rededicated in 1996. The original lower portion mentions Sgt. James P. Evans who enlisted in the 6th Iowa Infantry Regiment but was discharged for disability. Later he enlisted in the Iowa 8th Cavalry Regiment, was captured and died of disease in Annapolis, Maryland. He is buried in the National Cemetery there. The copper cone has the names of a number of CW Veterans from the region inscribed on it.

Evans Cemetery is very old, historic and hard to locate. It is SW of Melrose - take 500 Avenue south - if you go too far you will drive into Lake Rathbun. Just before you get to the lake, go left or east on a road with a sign saying "Timber View Tower" - then go 0.2 miles and the cemetery is off the road on the right. Thank you to Ron Rittel for notification of this monument. Photos taken June 5, 2009.

Civil War Monument in Evans Cemetery Civil War Monument in Evans Cemetery Civil War Monument in Evans Cemetery