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Spanish Siege Guns at UNI
There are two ancient Spanish cannons on the University of Northern Iowa campus. They were from the Castillo De San Marcos (named Fort Marion during the Civil War) at St. Augustine, Florida. Both Confederate and Union Forces occupied the fort during the Civil War but no battles were fought. They came to UNI in 1901. These are believed to be among the oldest cannons in the United States. The cannon nearest to the camera has a 6 1/8 inch bore diameter and is 140 inches long. The other has a bore diameter of 5 3/8 inches and is 124 1/2 inches long. Thanks to Dennis Bresson's book "Iowa Civil War Cannons" for this information. They are located on the east edge of the campus near Lang Hall and the President's home. Photo taken 2/1/12. The second image is an undated copy of an old postcard provided by Danny Krock.

Spanish Siege Guns at UNI  Spanish Siege Guns at UNI