Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Keokuk County - South English

Talley War Plaque
On August 1, 1863, there was a meeting of the Peace Democrats, called Copperheads, on the outskirts of South English. After the meeting, many drove wagons through town where they were confronted by Union supporters. Both sides were armed and shots were fired. Rev. George Talley, the leader of the Peace Democrats, was shot and killed. It was unclear who fired the first shot and who fired the shot that killed Talley. It was said that hundreds of Peace Democrats begin gathering to avenge Talley's death. Iowa Gov. Kirkwood led troops here and the situation eventually calmed down without further violence. This was called the Talley War or Skunk River War and received much publicity throughout the country.

This plaque was placed near the spot of Talley's death. It is located on Main Street/Highway 22 on the northeast side of town. Thank you to Librarian Barb Spicer for information and directions. Photos taken 8/24/13.

Talley War Plaque Talley War Plaque