Department of Iowa - Civil War Monuments
Fremont County - Farragut

Civil War 8' Siege Howitzer
This is an 8" siege howitzer, M1840 located in the Farragut Cemetery just north of town. It was built at the West Point Foundry in 1846 and one of 18 known to exist today. It weighs about 2600 lbs. There are clear markings on the cannon including "No. 6" indicating this was the 6th one of this model built. This is considered a Civil War era cannon as this model was built into 1861 until a new model was introduced. It is on an attractive mount with inscriptions on both sides. Thanks to Mike Carr for finding and notification of this cannon. Also thanks to Jim Bender for identifying and providing historical information about it. Farragut is just south of Highway 2 and the Cemetery is on the road into town. Photos taken 6/29/18.

Civil War 8' Siege Howitzer Civil War 8' Siege Howitzer